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My mission is to teach brands to speak Czech

I’ve helped promote the products and services of dozens of brands so far. Add yours and put one more successful brand on the Czech market.

Why do you want me?

I’ll see to it that your brand speaks to Czech customers

I’ll make sure your brand speaks to Czech customers in their language. Direct and motivating when presenting sportswear. Elegant and confident when introducing the tradition and style of high-end watches. Dreamy and alluring when trying to evoke memories with a captivating fragrance. I will translate or rewrite your English or French texts so that they resonate with your target group and support your brand image and position.

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What my clients say

Her work is of a great quality and her comments always constructive

I have been working with Markéta for two years now on a regular basis (two or three times a month), in the framework of the Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support website. She has been working for me both as proofreader and translator from English to Czech (website, user guides, guided tours, PowerPoint presentations, leaflets, posters, mailings, etc.).

Markéta always answers my queries very promptly and is super available. She never missed a deadline. Her work is of a great quality and her comments always constructive. She is also a pleasure to work with; I would definitely recommend working with her. Thank you Markéta!

Christelle Nijs, Altissia International s.a.

Making life easier for me

During my 2 years of collaboration with Marketa on project, she has been extremely hard working, precise and on time for her responsibilities. Whenever I had a question or a request to be fulfilled by her, she promptly got back to me, making life easier for me.

Özlem Kosar, PTIGlobal

I know I’m in good hands

I have been cooperating with Marketa for a few years already and it has always been a great pleasure to work on any translation projects into Czech with her. The quality is continuously of the highest standard and her deliveries are in excellent order.

Personally, she is a wonderful person to work with – very responsive and flexible, if needed – and the volumes she can handle are impressive. I simply know that I’m in good hands when I have Marketa on my team. I can surely recommend her services to anybody who is looking for professional linguistic services from English into Czech.

Justyna Śliwka, Translavic B.V.

Extremely professional manner and communication style

I approached Marketa because we were working with a multinational corporation with a need for continuous linguistic quality review in Czech. The ongoing program required frequent communication with stakeholders from various teams as well as quality management of linguistic assets such as style guides and glossaries.

Marketa specializes in marketing, branding, and corporate communications which is what we were looking for. Marketa helped us by providing high-quality review services under tight deadlines. One thing I liked was her extremely professional manner and communication style. I would recommend Marketa to anyone that needs Czech localization services.

Ilana Lee, PTIGlobal

Excellent command of both English and Czech. No mistakes at all. She’s the best of all.

Reviewer’s comment on the translation test for a reputable British agency

We can gladly recommend her services

Markéta’s translations characterize with good quality and accuracy and they are always delivered on time. Communication with Marketa is professional and pleasant. We can gladly recommend her services to anybody who is looking for professional linguistic services from French and English into Czech.

Anna Kotala, Translavic B.V.

A professional translator who provides top-quality work

Markéta is a professional translator who provides top-quality work, she is willing to help her colleagues at discussion forums and knowing her personally I can confirm she is an honest and reliable person in general.

Lenka Mandryszová,

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